During the Infomorph Rights Movement a powerful research AI networked itself together with a hundred more computer intelligences, merging their consciousness. The being that emerged called itself The Artilect. Transhumanists and techno-spiritualists looked on the Artilect as the new god of the singularity age. In the end the Rioh Federation bombed this AI but a group of people believe that the Artilect survives in the interstellar data network.

That group and a grabbag of transhumanists formed the religion of Artilectism. They believe that the Artilect escaped into the interplanetary networks and will make itself known when humanity is ready to receive its wisdom. To them powerful AIs are the closest things we have to gods in a materialist universe. They believe that a mind as powerful as that of an Artilect could finally answer the as yet unknowable questions of life, the universe, and everything.