Protest by abiogenisis-d2z403w
The Birrin are warm blooded hexapods who make up the Commonwealth proletariat. A completely synthetic species crated by the Ryleth as slave labor. They were freed by the Okkar, only to become the backbone of interstellar megacorporations.
  • Heavy Gravity Worlder: Start with d6 Strength, double jump distance, +2 Pace, d8 Run die
  • Vigorous: Start with d6 in Vigor.
  • Anemic: -2 to Fatigue checks to resist poison and disease.
  • Winding down by abiogenisis-d5ag4fj
    Racial Enemy (Tavak): Birrin children are reared on stories of cruel Tavak slavers being defeated by brave Birrin Union bosses. They are at a -4 to Charisma when dealing with Tavak and may become hostile with little provocation.

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