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Centauri are the descendants of humans who survived the destruction of Sol and fled to it's, then only, colony around Alpha Centauri. The survivors on the planet Proxima were the first humans to discover slipstream and begin to colonize the stars around them. Over time they broke up into quibbling provincial warlords. Until they met the Scorpii.

The masters of genetic manipulation shared their knowledge in exchange for what they couldn't grow or build on their own. Soon warlords began to be displaced by genetically engineered supermen. The war between these ubermensch threatened to wipe out what was left of humanity until one of them offered a compromise.

The first Great Khan of Khans Algernon Ramirez set up a system of feudal control between the greatest of the rival genengineered families. The engineered supermen would become the nobility of this new khanate, while others would form the servant and slave classes.

What started as a means to ending constant war became an almost religious ethos. Bloodlines are carefully monitored. Marriage and childbirth are treated as sacred rituals focused on attaining genetic perfection. The Great Khans still war but they do so with petty skirmishes and raids against alien worlds. The conniving of the court has supplanted the slaughter of the battlefield just as it had on earth many centuries before.

Today the Khans are seen as arrogant slavers, raiders, and pirates. The khan's hordes raid Commonwealth territories but never go so far as to spark all out war. When travelling alone Centauri often have a difficult time not settling their disputes with violence. They are not indiscriminate killers but their society is so martial and competitive that duels are commonplace. To some it is even seen as dishonorable to buy what you could take by force.

While an elite nobleman is the pinnacle of human strength and mental acuity, the lesser families tend to be as fit as any genefixed soldier in other human territories. They can be easily distinguished from other human clades by their blue-white skin that transitions to black under intense ultraviolet radiation.

  • Combat Reflexes: +2 to Spirit roll made to recover from Shaken.
  • Immune to Disease:
  • Low Light Vision: Ignore penalties for bad lighting up to pitch darkness.
  • Fast Healer: +2 to Vigor rolls made for healing checks.
  • Sleep Reduction: Needs half the amount of sleep.
  • Overconfident: Take on more than they can handle.
  • Stubborn: Never admits they're wrong.
  • Arrogant: Winning just isn’t enough for them. They must completely dominate his opponent. Anytime there is even a shadow of a doubt as to who is better, they must humiliate his opponent.