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Arkanian flag by sharps54-d8v3r1t

The "Denebian Flag", used to designate Denebian cultural enclaves.

No one knows where the Denebians come from, not even themselves. The first of their species encountered in the Orion Arm were a colony ship drifting past Deneb. They claimed to be escaping an interstellar war on the other end of the galaxy. From there, the Denebians spread far and wide across Orion space. Wherever they went they became an economic force to be reckoned with.

Denebians tend to set up small closed communities, often going beyond legal means to drive non-Denebians out. Once settled in they recreate little chunks of their original society. Special Deneb courts take the law into their own hands. Legal disputes are settled by elders. In every way the archetypal immigrant ghetto.

What makes them different from any other group is their complete refusal to integrate into interstellar society. To this day their language is only partially translated because they never speak it in earshot of other species. Their criminal empires are more powerful than most provincial governments. Yetan-Ibadi corp, one of Orion's five largest corporations, is staffed entirely by Denebians. The actual name of their species is a mystery, refusing to answer to anything but Denebian, a human word derived from the star they were first discovered around.

Theirs is a secret empire.

Five Families:

  • Takwalla
  • Ordara
  • Iotar
  • Kolstyn
  • Velmdreva

Savage Worlds Stats:

  • Slippery: Agility starts at a d6.
  • Chameleon: When not moving, gain +4 to Stealth.
  • Wall Walker: Walk on inverted surfaces at half Pace.
  • Fast: Pace +2 and Running die d8.
  • Additional Actions: Due to their multiple limbs working in concert, Denebians gain one extra non-move action.
  • Boneless: -1 to all Strength rolls.
  • Dependency: Must immerse in water one hour out of every 24.
  • Size -1: Denebians stand no more than 4 feet tall. -1 Toughness.