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Dishonored Dungeon Map b1
Dishonored Dungeon Map a1

The Great Port City of TorovaEdit

Graf Henrik Wójcik is old and childless.

When he passes one of the 4 Barons will be appointed in his place.

You are a member of Vizegraff Hasimir Sokolov's Shadow Council, run by his steward Istvan Radomir.

Factions of Torova Edit

  • Faction Sheet
  • The Shadow Council
    • Dillon as
    • Will as
    • Aeso as
    • Jif as
    • Jetgrind as

Lands of the Coronet Sea Edit

The Empire of Ruritania

Suzerainty of Mezari

Principality of Zagora

Emirate of Oghuz

Church of Azoth, the Shaper of Creation (Shaperate)

  • Chrysopeia, the Great Philosopher, the First Alchemist

Illuminated Order of the Great Architect (Illuminati)

  • A secretive order of the rich and powerful.

Church of Starry Wisdom (Reformers)

  • Believe enlightenment can be achieved by anyone through moral action and right belief.
  • Ezra, the Reformer

The Academy of Natural Philosophy (Philosophers)

  • The scientific think-tank responsible for clockwork men.

The Revolutionary Sisterhood (Sisters)

  • Republicans dedicated to overthrowing the monarchy.

Knights of the Silver Hand (Silverhand)

  • A religious order of warrior-monks to fight apostasy.

The Royal Arcadian Trading Company (Trading Company)

  • The private guild who manage the fair and equitable harvest of resources from the Arcadian Isles.

The Arcadian Isles Edit

Races Edit

  • Ruritanian
    • Elachian - The people of Kiergard. (fantasy Austro-Hungarian)
    • Tsathar - The people of Noden and Ostermark. (fantasy Prussia)
    • Morovan - The people of the Jotun wilderlands (fantasy nordic).
    • Vestan - The Travellers, refugees from a sunken island far to the east (greek, east-mediterranean).
  • Oghuz - People of the distant western islands.
    • Qumar- Pelias mainland (turkish).
    • Kundu- Pelian islands (Persian).
  • Arcadian -
    • Mezari - Northern Arcadian islands (Yoruban).
    • Zagoran - Southern Arcadian islands (Bantu).
    • Sarkan - Eastern Arcadian islands (Punjabi).

House Rules Edit

Almanac Edit


  • Nobility
    • Tsar
    • Margrave
    • Graff
    • Baron
    • Knight
  • Religion
    • God of the Travellers (Orryx)
    • Arcadian Gods (Adaedu)
    • The Triune Goddess (Al-Uzza)
    • Pagan Gods of Jotun (Chernobog)
  • Currency
    • Gold Mark
    • Silver Kroner (Crown)
    • Copper Pfennig (Penny)
  • Elder Gods
    • Alkahest, The Universal Solvent
    • Choronzon, The Sleeper at the Threshold
    • Chernobog, The Burned King
    • Zagreus, The Feaster from Afar
    • Hastur, The King in Yellow
    • Belphegor, The Eye of Chaos
    • Cthulhu, The Drowned God