The Drekar are a reptilian species descended from a creature not unlike the Komodo Dragon of Old Earth. Living on their planet in mostly small cities, there still exists a few tribal communities that have shunned the larger, more modern life style. Drekar are extremely stubborn by nature, but posses incredible survival skills, due to the innately hostile environment of their homeworld. Sweltering summers, and below freezing winters, combined with a host of lethal and often times clever, beasts has kept their instinct firmly in tact. The Drekar have even repelled multiple invasion/colonization attempts since the discovery of their planet, Svefnflagd.

First contact with outside races, did not end well. They treated the encroaching Centauri as they would any other dangerous beast on the planet, killing and then cooking them, on multiple occasions. It wasn't until months later, the invader's ships had been discovered, and local mystics (Scientist equivalents) began unraveling the mysteries and means behind them. For years, every encounter went like this, and they began to advance technologically as a race, albeit at a slower pace due to their hesitancy to change from the old ways. Even today Drekar are not often seen planet side on any world other than their own, as their stubbornness, and gruff nature tends to put them at odds with the native people.

Most employment in the commonwealth for the Drekar comes from work as local muscle, be it intensive labor, or (and more often than not) hired muscle for crime syndicates and corporations alike. Still, it is not unheard of, for the odd Drekar, or mystic, to open a trading outpost trading harder to find and acquire materials. Their shops often times attract a specific crowd, as negotiations with these shop keeps, rarely turns favor.

  • Armor 1
  • Toughness 3
  • Attributes 2/2
  • Vigor
  • Spirit
  • Natural Weaponry 1
  • Edge 2
  • Cyber Tolerant
  • Racial Enemy Centauri -1
  • Outsider -2
  • Dull (d6 cap Smarts) -3
  • Clumsy (d6 cap Agility) -3