Friar's Tabletop WorldsEdit

Cyberpunk 2069: A Conspiracy Against the Public Edit

Cyberpunk Tabletop Campaign featuring @AesoSpadez @EsunaLeofric and @HebrewMagic

Uresia: Ortolani's Flying Circus Edit

Savage Orion Edit

Hard Sci-Fi Space Opera

Dishonored Dungeon Edit

A clock/steampunk fantasy world inspired by Dishonored, Darkest Dungeons, Thief, The Witcher, Solomon Kane, The Order 1886, The Three Musketeers, Van Helsing, and Le Chevalier D'Eon.

Dr Who and the Curse of the Basilisk

Friar's Narrative SettingsEdit


The Alembic




Friar's Fan-Fiction Edit

Latest activityEdit

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