Friar's Tabletop WorldsEdit

Cyberpunk 2069: A Conspiracy Against the Public Edit

Cyberpunk Tabletop Campaign featuring @AesoSpadez @EsunaLeofric and @HebrewMagic

Savage Orion Edit

Hard Sci-Fi Space Opera

Dishonored Dungeon Edit

A clock/steampunk fantasy world inspired by Dishonored, Darkest Dungeons, Thief, The Witcher, Solomon Kane, The Order 1886, The Three Musketeers, Van Helsing, and Le Chevalier D'Eon.

Cirrinia Edit

A world of adventure reeling from an age of destruction and darkness and torn between three competing gods.

Utregoth Edit

A 5e specific campaign setting inspired by Dark Ages England under the Danelaw.

Star Trek: Beyond Antares Edit


StarFall Edit

Post-cyberpunk diamond hard sci-fi set among the lost colonies of humanity after the destruction of earth.

House Rules Edit

D&D 5th Edition House Rules

Nentir Vale Crawl

An old school hexcrawl in the Nentir Vale using "Hero's Journey Fantasy Roleplaying".

Friar's Narrative SettingsEdit


The Alembic

Friar's Fan-Fiction Edit

Latest activityEdit

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