Athletics (Vigor) Edit

Athletics as a catch-all for a number of physical endeavors, ranging from climbing to swimming to moving around effectively in a no or low-gravity environment. Athletics should be used instead of Agility in foot chases, and effectively replaces both the Climbing and Swimming skills.

Hacking (Smarts) Edit

Specializations (-2 when not using the correct Specialization)

  • Intrusion
  • Defense
  • Trace
  • Programming
  • Data Manipulation

Knowledge (Smarts) Edit

  • EVA Training: Using a spacesuit.
  • Demolitions
  • Xenolinguistics
  • Astrogation
  • Nanoengineering

Shooting (Agility) Edit

New Specializations

  • Small Arms
  • Heavy Weapons
  • Directed Energy Weapons

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