The world of Orionscape contains extraordinary things verging on the miraculous but it is, at the end of the day, grounded in the scientifically possible. To that end there are no psionics, no force, no magic of any kind. This leaves me with an itch. So what could scratch that itch but still be grounded in science? I looked to the Mentats and Bene Gesserit of Dune, The Expanse's Focus Drugs, the Asyncs of Eclipse Phase, and even River from Firefly. What I came up with is the Gevurah (Gee-boo-rah).

Under Construction

Idea 1 - The Technomancer

Cybernetically augmented sophonts who can drastically alter their own magnetic field to interfere with machines.

Idea 2 - Asyncs

An unknown alien nanovirus has rewritten the brain.

Idea 3 - Prana Bindu

A la Dune. A Not-Psi can control how their brain processes the senses and manually control their metabolism. So can't be stunned, drugged, or get negatives from wound level. Perfect memory. Faster reflexes. Etc. etc.

Idea 4 - Electric Slide

When touching someone's skin, the Not-Psi can't manipulate their bioelectrics in order to mess with their emotional state, read their mind, etc. This essentially allows for the conscious mind to override the unconscious as well. This means controlling micro expressions, altering heart rate,