The Scorpii are the descendants of one of earth's countless Seed Ships sent out into space in the late 21st Century. Like many others they were unable to find a habitable world before their reserves ran out. Unlike other seed ships, they were able to use the surplus of scientists aboard to transform their ship into an orbital habitat.

As time went on their habitat expanded and new ones were built. In order to survive on low amounts of food, zero gravity environments, and exposure to radiation they began to alter their genetic profile. By the time they discovered slip travel they were already unrecognizable as human beings.

Their culture of scientific endeavour led to a culture obsessed with pushing the limits of science, especially genetic engineering. Countless fads spread through the gene pool of their homeworld giving rise to as many catastrophes as it did breakthroughs.

The modern Scorpii people are regarded as eccentrics and mad scientists. While they have produced some of the most brilliant geneticists Orion has ever seen, they are also the lifesblood of the viroware black market and biogenic weapons trade. They can be distinguished from other humans by their blue-green skin, band of dark purple or black around the eyes, pointed ears, ridged forehead, and prehensile feet.

  • Gengineered: Begin character creation with a d6 in Smarts.
  • Mad Science: Due to fads in genetic engineering, the Scorpii carry a lot of dormant mutations waiting their turn for the generation. Choose 1 additional Extra bodand 1 unusual bodily feature to go along with it.
  • Cyborg: Doubles maximum strain.
  • Zero-G Worlder: -2 to all Strength rolls.
  • Curious: Scorpii are taught from a young age that scientific exploration is the most important human endeavor.