Freedom. Free for the first time since their incarceration in the infamous Tartarus prison colony, the band of jailbirds head to the first sign of civilization. Adonie station is a ragged mining layover at the edge of OCA space and it is here that the group of prison escapees first flee. News of the destruction of Tartarus prison hasn't reached the station so they have no trouble docking and going on one hell of a shopping spree.

The mysterious voice that provided their ship and escape plan told them to go to Adonie station and meet up with a person known as Jupiter Sand. They weren't hard to find and perhaps that was the cause of what came next. Sitting at the leather booth in the private section of a cottage restaurant, Jupiter Sand hands over a data crystal with the next phase of the plan. Meanwhile, outside that cottage restaurant, a detachment of Centauri touch down.

Still without their weapons, The Prisoners do what they can to hold back the Centauri. They even manage to take out the group's commander. In the end there are just too many of them and they turn to flee. Who are these mysterious Centauri? How do they know about the data crystal? Find out next time!