Racing against the oncoming Centauri the group split up and flee through the city. Along the way the party makes contact with Jupiter Sand and her associates Eridinus Islam and Huxley. They are able to grab a jet-osprey and rescue the escapees but before 6115 destroyed the enemy plane and all aboard it. Along the way they met up with another agent of The Voice, a human splicer named Nova who looked like an anthropomorphic fox.

It seemed the danger had passed. However Eudokia and the cybernetically animated corpse of her dead mate had one last trick up their sleeve. She had secured herself in the environmental system compartment with three full canisters of VX gas and was holding the space station hostage in exchange for the escapees. It was up to thee escapees to end the situation so they could leave before the authorities arrived.

The battle was quick but decisive with the nerve gas destroyed in flame and Eudokia neutralized alongside her cronies, but at a terrible price.

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