This was an abbreviated session due to real life issues.

Jimmy Quinn was struck by a stray bullet in the shootout and in critical condition. He was rushed to the station hospital where they were able to stabilize him but he had sustained massive cranial trauma. A call went out for expert reconstructive cyberneticists and now it was only a matter of waiting.

Concerned for their one time cellmate, the crew waits patiently onboard the station of news. Until, one day they come back from shopping to find Ximeon unconscious on the floor. He is unresponsive and in a deep coma. In order to figure out the cause they search near where he was found, only to discover a strange piece of tech attached to their computer system.

When 6115 tried to access the tech they were taken over by a malicious virus that took complete control of their body. To the others it appeared 6115 snapped, grabbed Ximeon by the throat, and walked out weapons drawn.

In the end Lacerta and Nova found themselves very much alone.

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