Facebook Edit

Amelia Hiari

Assistant Manager

Dumisani Al-Aziz

Manager of SID

Quentin Kalim

Vice President of Investigations

Clive St. John

President of Cerberus Securities

Amarante Delacroix

Chief Security Officer - Monarch

Eckhart Hofstadter

Chairman of the Board - Monarch

Chain of Command Edit

Chairman of the Monarch Board of Directors

  • CEO of Monarch Conglomerate
    • Chief Security Officer
      • President of Cerberus
        • Vice President of Investigations
          • Manager of Special Investigations Division
            • Assistant Manager - Night Shift
              • Special Investigators

Compare this to the hierarchy of a traditional metropolitan police department.

  • Mayor
    • Deputy Mayor
      • Commissioner
        • Deputy Commissioner
          • Captain
            • Lieutenant
              • Detective

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